Apply Here for the 2019 OWHE* Conference Scholarship Today!

One of the goals for Oregon Women* in Higher Education is to make to our annual conference as accessible as possible, especially for student and new professional participants who may not have access to institutional resources to support their attendance. To make the conference more accessible, this year OWHE* will grant three (3) student participant scholarships and three (3) new professional participant scholarships that will cover the cost of registration. Additionally, each scholarship recipient will receive a $155 stipend to help cover travel and lodging costs.

Student is defined as any person enrolled full-time in a 2-year or 4-year degree-granting institution of higher education. Student can be an undergraduate or graduate student. Recent graduates (having graduated within the last 6 months) from a higher education graduate program and who are currently not employed full-time at a higher education institution are also eligible to register as a student.

New professional is defined as any person who is currently working full-time in higher education and who has worked in higher education for less than 5 years.

The scholarship application deadline is October 1, 2018. Scholarship winners for OWHE* 2019 will be announced by October 15, 2018. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

*OWHE includes and advocates for all women and gender minorities.


****If you work at or attend Oregon State University, the OSU President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW) is offering funds to cover registration costs for OSU Faculty, Staff, and Students to attend the 2019 Oregon Women in Higher Education (OWHE*) conference at the Salishan Resort, on February 1-2, 2019. If you are a faculty, staff or student at OSU, you ARE NOT eligible for the OWHE* Scholarship and are highly encouraged to apply to the PCOSW scholarship.

Deadline: Friday, October 26, 2018
Eligibility: OSU faculty, staff, students

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Sponsor a Conference Attendee

The mission of OWHE* is to facilitate meaningful connection, personal growth, professional advancement, and systemic change for all Oregon women and gender minorities in higher education.. We envision a future of educational, social, and political climate in which diverse women benefit from the opportunities in higher education and shape the progression of their chosen field. We strongly believe in lifting other women and gender minorities as you climb. If you are in a position to sponsor a conference attendee, particularly a student or new professional participant who does not have access to institutional resources to support their attendance, we highly encourage you to sponsor a conference attendee. To sponsor someone, e-mail us at

*OWHE includes and advocates for all women and gender minorities.

Connect with Women Leaders

Networking with women leaders in the state of Oregon will enhance your professional experience. We look forward to creating opportunities for women to meet, connect and develop together.

Engage in Professional Development

Participate in opportunities for professional growth through educational programs that are provided by our campus contact network right on your campus, in your region or at a state wide gathering. The focus is on providing you with the leadership skills and mentoring necessary to lead.

Lead Change in Higher Education

Higher education in the state of Oregon provides a dynamic environment where women can impact change. Whether in the community college, 4-year institution, public, or private, we want you to be a part of shaping the future of higher education by empowering and affirming your leadership abilities.