Our mission is to…

Facilitate meaningful connection, personal growth, professional advancement, and systemic change for all Oregon women, non-binary, and trans people in higher education.

We envision and strive for…

Empowerment, equity, and advancement for all women, non-binary, and trans people in higher education.

We value...

Advocacy: We support policies and inclusive institutional practices that are directed with impartiality, fairness, and social justice. Through our work, we support systemic change and progress by engaging in and supporting relevant educational and social efforts within our institutions, the state of Oregon, and beyond.

Celebration: We publicly honor and recognize the impact, contribution, and value of the work of Oregon women, non-binary, and trans people in higher education.

Community: We facilitate intentional community through networking, mentorship, learning, and celebration for all Oregon women, non-binary, and trans people in higher education with intentional outreach, acceptance, and recognition that we are stronger together.

Education: We create a culture of learning and development, by providing an accessible platform for growth and professional engagement for all women, non-binary, and trans people in higher education.

Equity: We believe that all members of society should have unbiased access to opportunities that help them reach their full potential. We work from an equity perspective in all that we do. By utilizing an intersectional framework, we strive to create empowering spaces and opportunities in which all Oregon women, non-binary, and trans peoplein higher education can equally access, fully participate, and travel on a path from hope to reality.

Inclusivity: We acknowledge and honor the dignity of every human being, value women of all gender identities, ethnicities, and abilities, and welcome all members as they are, both professionally and personally. We strive to create space for each member to participate as their whole, genuine self.

Leadership: We inspire and support leadership growth and development for all women while promoting personal and professional advancement within the field of higher education.  


Connect with Leaders

Networking with women, non-binary, and trans leaders in the state of Oregon will enhance your professional experience. We look forward to creating opportunities to meet, connect and develop together.

Engage in Professional Development

Participate in opportunities for professional growth through educational programs that are provided by our campus contact network right on your campus, in your region or at a state wide gathering. The focus is on providing you with the leadership skills and mentoring necessary to lead.

Lead Change in Higher Education

Higher education in the state of Oregon provides a dynamic environment where women, non-binary, and trans people can impact change. Whether in the community college, 4-year institution, public, or private, we want you to be a part of shaping the future of higher education by empowering and affirming your leadership abilities.