Active membership is defined as participation in OWHE activities within the 12 months prior to and including the annual conference. There is no fee associated with being a member.

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Benefits of membership in OWHE include:

  • Monthly newsletters with information about upcoming events and opportunities
  • An invitation to the annual conference 
  • Connection to a network of diverse professional women, non-binary, and trans people from various institutions, functional areas, and professional levels
  • Annual award opportunities to celebrate and honor the successes and contributions of our members
  • Professional development opportunities, including our annual conference, mentoring program, webinars, committees, and book club
  • An invitation to our OWHE Community Facebook group, where you can begin networking with folks immediately!


Membership is open to individuals who:

  1. are affiliated with higher education in the state of Oregon or Portland Metro area
  2. are a women, non-binary, and/or trans person, or ally
  3. attend the Annual Conference or another OWHE sponsored event
  4. are signed up for the listserv 

Active membership is defined as participation in OWHE activities within the 12 months prior to and including the annual conference.


OWHE strives to maintain a diverse membership that includes:

  1. Many institution types: community colleges, technical colleges, public, private, large, small, professional schools and more
  2. All functional areas within an institution
  3. Representation from all geographic regions and community types across Oregon
  4. Representation from all social identities including but not limited to race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, etc.

Get involved! 

I'm a member -- Now what? OWHE provides many different ways to get involved, either throughout the year, leading up to the conference, or at the annual conference. Check out how to get the most out of your OWHE membership at

Connect with Leaders

Networking with women, non-binary, and trans leaders in the state of Oregon will enhance your professional experience. We look forward to creating opportunities to meet, connect and develop together.

Engage in Professional Development

Participate in opportunities for professional growth through educational programs that are provided by our campus contact network right on your campus, in your region or at a state wide gathering. The focus is on providing you with the leadership skills and mentoring necessary to lead.

Lead Change in Higher Education

Higher education in the state of Oregon provides a dynamic environment where women, non-binary, and trans people can impact change. Whether in the community college, 4-year institution, public, or private, we want you to be a part of shaping the future of higher education by empowering and affirming your leadership abilities.