OWHE 2020 Board Application: Round Two!

Oregon Women in Higher Education (OWHE) is accepting applications for a second round of new board members! OWHE ran a Board of Directors (BOD) search and filled three positions in early April in accordance with our historical application process. Unlike previous years, due to the unique landscape of this year and the evident capacity pulls of members, the BOD unanimously voted onto the Board three amazing new leaders! We are running a second search to fill the last two spots on our Board.

We are eager to elect people into the two following unfilled board positions and continue the great work of connecting folks within Higher Education in the state of Oregon, providing our members with professional development opportunities, and encouraging folks to lead change in higher education. If you are interested in this amazing opportunity to serve, please apply!

What's New with OWHE?

For forty years, OWHE has grown as a thoughtful, safe(r) space for women (and as has been typical of “women’s spaces”, it has been predominately white, cisgendered, and heterosexual women). Thanks to strong vision and guidance from previous boards, certain women in higher education have been able to come together, build community, and develop professionally and personally. Past board members worked to increase the inclusivity of the organization more and more, bringing the Womxn of Color Caucus Breakfast, reports on our demographics, and asking the question, “Who should be in the room that we’re missing.” Our previous board added systemic change to our mission and inclusivity to our values. The current board has asked, “What does systemic change mean and what does it look like for us to practice that?”

For us, systemic change means growth from passively inclusive to actively anti-oppression. In other words, we can and must do better to create an inclusive space that invites and centers all marginalized and intersectional identities in higher education.

We will remain an organization for marginalized genders and we will intentionally center anti-oppression at the heart of our programming and opportunities. Through the next two years, we will be collaborating with this committee to recraft our mission, vision, and values to reflect this shift in focus.

We have announced a pending name change to the organization as we celebrated the forty years of OWHE at the conference this year. Currently, our name erases the myriad of gender identities that are part of our community. We’d like our name to reflect where we’re going as an organization. We will be inviting the newly formed Inclusion Advisory Committee as well as a new Board of Directors to contribute to and help steer these conversations and this direction.


Any active OWHE member is eligible to apply for a board position. Membership is open to individuals who meet the following criteria: 1) are affiliated with higher education in the state of Oregon; 2) identify as a woman, non-binary and/or transgender; 3) attend the annual conference or another OWHE sponsored event such as webinars, meet-ups, etc.; and 4) are signed up on our listserve. Active membership is defined as participation in OWHE activities within the 12 months prior to and including the annual conference.


Do you feel an intersection of your identity is not well represented by OWHE or the current Board of Directors (BOD)?

We encourage people who have been historically underrepresented in Oregon higher education and OWHE spaces to apply for the board! Specifically, would like to extend an invitation to apply to People of Color, folks with minoritized genders, folks with disabilities, parents, LGBTQIA+ members, people from other countries, people who have experience working in other fields, folks at different stages of their careers, etc. OWHE is for all of us and we want our BOD to represent those intersections of identities. We believe that diversity in experience makes us a stronger community and we value diverse perspectives.

Elections Timeline:
Wednesday, July 20th: Application opens at 8 am

Coffee with Board members: Unlike previous years, we will not run a second BOD elections webinar. Instead, we encourage curious applicants to reach out directly to the BOD email and we will schedule a virtual 1:1 coffee to answer any questions you might have about the position! Email chair@owhe.org if you'd like to schedule a time to chat.

Wednesday, August 12th: Election application deadline at 11:59 pm

Please fill out as many applications as the positions you are applying for.



Open Board Positions

This round, we have 2 open Board of Directors positions:

Incoming Chair of the Board (3 year appointment)

Incoming Chair of the Board will work in collaboration with current Active Chair of the Board to assist in Chair duties and oversee 1-3 committees. Active Chair will provide mentorship and support. Year 2, the successful applicant will become Active Chair of the board, responsible for the oversight of the BOD, including all meetings and retreats and serves as liaison to ACE; Assures that the BOD fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of the organization; chairs all meetings of the BOD; serves as primary representative and liaison for the organization; oversees the Excellence Awards Committee; and mentor new Incoming Chair of the Board. In the third year, the successful applicant will become Past Chair, acting as consultant to BOD and active chair.

Estimated time commitment: Year 1, 4-6 hours a month spring, summer, and fall terms. 10+ hours/month in December and January. Year 2, 6-10 hours/month spring, summer and fall terms. 30+ hours/month in December and January. Year 3: not yet determined (estimated 1-3 hours/month).

*prior experience and involvement with OWHE is strongly preferred, but time served on the board is not necessary


Co-Director of the Annual Conference (2 year appointment)*

In partnership with 2nd year Co-Director of the Annual Conference,
- Responsible for the planning and oversight of the OWHE Annual Conference, including venue logistics, supplies, and
managing/delegating anything needed for a smooth annual conference operation in collaboration with other Board members.
- Assemble and oversee the conference planning committee and assist other board members in their committees if needed
- In partnership with Director of Business Ops, ensure the terms of the current contract stipulations are met in setup (e.g. free
room upgrades) and reflected in the final invoice (e.g. any promised discounts).
- Collaborate with other Board members around the post-conference surveys
- Future year RFP: Responsible for conference bid (RFP) process for subsequent years including creation of an RFP in
conjunction with board, incorporating feedback from members; researching and contacting local vendors to solicit bids;
leading the proposal review process; and working with other board members to review and finalize the final contract. This
process will happen once during your term.

Estimated time commitment: 1-3 hours/week maximum all year. November - February 5-8 hours/week

*prior experience and involvement with the OWHE Annual Conference is preferred


ALL Board members are responsible for developing and executing OWHE's strategic plan and supporting the Directors of the Annual Conference in planning and execution of the annual conference. In addition to their Director responsibilities, all board members are expected to attend all BOD meetings (conference call once a month), a board retreat in June/July, regular check-in meetings with the Chair, and conference check-ins or subcommittee meetings as needed. We highly encourage board members to have financial support from their institution to serve on the board. Institutions will be asked to support board members' involvement through time release for meetings, participation in the annual conference, and costs related to traveling and attending the conference and summer board retreat. OWHE does provide hardship grants for BOD members who are unable to obtain institutional support to attend the annual conference and/or summer retreat.





Connect with Leaders

Networking with women, non-binary, and trans leaders in the state of Oregon will enhance your professional experience. We look forward to creating opportunities to meet, connect and develop together.

Engage in Professional Development

Participate in opportunities for professional growth through educational programs that are provided by our campus contact network right on your campus, in your region or at a state wide gathering. The focus is on providing you with the leadership skills and mentoring necessary to lead.

Lead Change in Higher Education

Higher education in the state of Oregon provides a dynamic environment where women, non-binary, and trans people can impact change. Whether in the community college, 4-year institution, public, or private, we want you to be a part of shaping the future of higher education by empowering and affirming your leadership abilities.